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Summer Woodworking Camp

(9am - 3:00pm)

Announcing our 2023 Summer Small Group Woodworking Camps
(Daily or Weekly)
Kids will learn woodworking skills, tool usage, measurement and collaboration while building pieces to bring home.
We can accommodate up to 4/5 participants
All pieces will be sanded and ready to be painted or stained at home.
Kids must bring their own snack, lunch and drink. 
(Please let me know of any food allergy on the registration form)
Our workshops are designed with the objective of introducing woodworking to the children in a structured environment. 

Why woodworking is good for your brain

Woodworker Pre-Teen

Age: 8 -11 years old.

Tools used: handsaw, scroll saw, electric sander, drill, Kreg Jig, hammer, hot/cold glue gun.

Woodworker Teen

Age: 12+ years old.

Tools used: electric miter saw,  electric sander, drill, Kreg jig, hammer, stapler, glue gun, scroll saw, sewing machine.


Day Camp: $80 /day + Materials for each option listed on the project page.

Week Camp: $650 includes the material for 5 projects: a table, a bench, a shelf, a planter and their own designed project listed under the pre-teens column.Returning kids: a frame, a tool box, a wheeled cart, a book shelf..
Eiffel Tower Paris

French Immersion Program

Are you interested in French Immersion opportunities? (must have taken French in school for a minimum of one year; age 6+). Note, French Immersion programs are a mixture of crafts and woodworking. Projects are predetermined and for the whole group. As example, students will build a loom and weave a wall tapestry, build a picture frame, create a game board for a game to be played in French.1/2 day, 2 1/2 days, and 3 1/2 days options (see dates below).  Saturday AM (9-12) $50 each per student.

Camp Registration updated 07/19/23

Week Camp 1
8 -11 years old

June 20 (2 spots)
June 21 (2 spots)
June 22 (2 spots)
June 23 (2 spots)
Day Camp 
8 -11 years old
July 17 (1 spots)

July 19 (full)
July 20 (full
July 21(full)
Week Camp 2
8 -11  years  old
Week Camp 3
8 Years and up
Day Camp
8 Years old and Up
July 12 (full)
July13 (ful)

Week Camp 4
8 -11 years old
french flag.jpg
FRENCH Immersion Camp
Age 6 ish and up
Sat. July 15 (full)
Sat. July 22 (9am-12pm)

Day Camp
8 Years and Up
August,7 (full)
August, 8 (full)
August, 9 (full)


Details & Discount

Covid-19 instructions:
Instruction will be under an outdoor awning and in a garage with the doors wide open. 
Kids must wear a mask for the dust.
Kids must stay home if they don't feel well or if someone in the immediate family is not feeling well.
 Hand sanitizer will be provided.
*10 % off - Bring a sibling
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